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The Devil's "Music" EXPOSED!

I would like to thank you for all that you have don.... I drive a lot for my job and sometimes I listen to the radio...

R: Regarding listening to the radio, obviously no one should be listening to the mainstream music offered on popular radio stations, since it’s basically all of the devil, and a powerful medium for distracting and influencing people in ways they cannot see.  The popular and mainstream music of our day blocks graces out of the soul, and keeps people mired in worldly and sensual thinking.  This is true even with songs whose lyrics seem innocuous.  For those who may not be convinced of the evil influence of the mainstream modern music (Rock, Rap, “Alternative”, etc., etc.) – including of groups whose songs seem harmless – please obtain a copy of the video that we sell (a four-hour exposé of Rock and popular music) called “Rock and Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution.”  It was done by a Protestant heretic, but he did an incredible job showing how basically all of this popular music comes from the devil and people possessed by the devil.  In fact, anyone who has a teenage child who doesn’t believe in the devil needs to show the child this video; for it’s probably the single best tape of which we’re aware to prove that the devil exists and how the devil works. 
The fact is that those who listen to and tune in to the mainstream music are tuning in to the devil’s message.  Thus, parents shouldn’t allow their kids to listen to such music; if they do their children will never advance in virtue and almost certainly be damned.  In fact, the failure to extricate their children from the mainstream evil culture (e.g. by allowing them to listen to such music) is one reason why many “traditionalist” children unfortunately don’t have much interest in the Faith.  We believe that parents who do allow their children to listen to the mainstream music are sinning.  For those who have become accustomed to listening to such music, the break from it will be painful at first; but the question is which path do they want to take: the broad road to hell or the straight and narrow road to heaven?

Subject: Abortion, rock music and freemasons. 

Dear Christians: 
 I just watched this video of you. I'm amazed. As what I told you happened with my family (...) was after all the chaos in which my four older brothers formed a rock band. But we had grown up in classical and sacred music. My father broke all the rock recordings because he said they were the destruction of the family. It tormented me to be a little younger than my four older brothers. I was a classical pianist and stopped playing the piano because I came to hate music because of what he did to my family. After 15 years of having buried the music, I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when a song came to me as inspiration in an instant. He calls it "Maternal Love" (...) it is in the Bible (...) I will never abandon you. You are sculpted in the palm of my hand. Last year I wrote a song called "I will not be your witch", against witchcraft. But everything is in a rock music format. Does this mean that it is wrong? Is all rock music bad? I'm worried because I do not want to compose bad music. Everything is wrong? 


R: Rock music is not from God. It is interesting what he says that the song came to him as inspiration in the moment. This coincides with the information that shows that rock music is often inspired by Satan. Other rock music artists have stated that their music was "given" to them; And even if you claim that the song is based on the Bible, it makes sense that the devil has inspired it for you. He wants to mix rock music with "Christian" themes in order to dilute the true message of Christianity. You must abandon your promotion of that music, pray the rosary every day, and convert to the traditional Catholic faith. We also highly recommend a video that we sell on this topic. It's called The Wizards of Rock and Roll and the New Age Revolution.

Psalm 101:3 “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.” 

1 John 2:15  "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him."

On many occasions when self-proclaimed Christians have been warned that they should not listen to rock music, and other worldly styles, such as hip hop, rap, jazz, pop, etc., modernists react, both Protestant and novus ordo , etc., arguing that "it is good to listen to that music" and quote the following biblical verse, mistakenly believing, for their downfall, that with this they justify their sinful activity: "it is not what enters the mouth that contaminates man; but what comes out of the mouth, that is what contaminates man. " Matthew 15:11

That verse does not talk about listening to music, but about eating food according to the Mosaic law. NOTHING has to do with the subject. It is a meaningless and foolish argument. And this fallacy is repeated ad nauseam by these individuals. According to them, following this "logic" would be good to see pornography because "it does not contaminate what goes in ... but what comes out of the heart." Ridiculous!

Modern commercial music is satanic and promotes fornication and other sins, such as idolatry, drug use, etc. This is intrinsically bad and anti-Christian, it does not matter what the lyrics are. Even if they put "Christian" letter to them as pathetically "evangelical" Protestants do. A reader once asked if he is guilty of sin if he, for example, is in the street and another person is playing that music and he coincidentally listens to it too. In that case obviously you would not be sinning.

Watch: Abortion, Rock Music and Freemasonry Exposed (full length)

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