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St. Raphael Archangel

October 24th, St. Raphael Archangel

Patron of doctors; pharmaceutical; nurses; blind and visually impaired people; people with mental problems; sick; young boys; engagement; travelers; pastors. Protector against diseases, especially sight; mental problems; nightmares.

For I am the Angel Raphael, one of the seven who serve before the Lord. (Tobit 7:15)

St. Raphael is one of the seven spirits who are always before God, and offer Him the incense of their prayer and that of men. "When you prayed," said St Raphael to Tobias, "with tears, and you buried the dead, and you got up from the table in the middle of the meal, and hid the dead in your house by day, and buried them at night, I presented your prayer to the Lord. And because you were accepted by God, temptation was needed to prove you. " Tobias went blind; but "the loss of sight," St. Augustine says, "was an occasion for the venerable old man to receive a visit from a heavenly physician." St. Raphael, whose name means "Medicine of God," was sent by God, like the angel stirring the water of the probationary pool, to heal Tobias. He indicated to the young Tobias the remedy on purpose to return the sight to his father, he looked for a wife for him and he drove away the demon.

"Let us praise with veneration all the princes of the heavenly court, and especially the Archangel Raphael, physician and faithful companion, conqueror of the devil. Oh, Christ, most kind King! Let the enemy do no harm to us with such a guard. " "May the Archangel Raphael, physician of our salvation, assist us from heaven, so that he may heal our infirmities, and lead our hesitant steps to the true life."

Today the Holy Catholic Church celebrates according to the Traditional Calendar the Feast of St. Raphael the Archangel, today forgotten by many. He is the patron of doctors, pharmacists and health professionals, protector of the bride and groom, travelers and those who suffer from diseases, especially in sight, so we must pray that not only those with physical vision problems , but for those who do not want to see the situation of the Church today and how false shepherds pretend to be legitimate. I share a painting from Colonial Cusco in which it is depicted Saint Raphael.

O Glorious Prince Saint Raphael, sweet torch of eternal palaces, leader of the armies of the Almighty, emissary of the Divinity, organ of His providence, executor of His orders, secretary of His secret, universal resource of all the children of Adam, friend of your devotees, companion of the walkers, master of virtue, protector of chastity, help of the afflicted, physician of the sick, aid of the persecuted, scourge of the demons, rich treasure of the flows of God. Thou art the Holy Angel, one of those seven most noble spirits that surround the Throne of the Most High. Trusting in the great love that you have manifested to men, we implore you humbly defend us from the wiles and temptations of the devil in all the steps and seasons of our life, that distances us from the dangers of the soul and the body by putting a brake on our passions criminals and the enemies who are tyrannizing us, who knock down everywhere, and especially in the Catholic world, the cruel monster of heresies and the unbelief that tries to devour us. We ask thee, too, with all the fervor of our spirit, to make it expand and extend the Holy Gospel, with the practice of morality. That thou assist the shepherds, and grant unity in the truth to the authorities and Christian magistrates. Finally we implore thee in the reaches of the Throne of God, to whom thou so immediately attend, the inestimable gift of grace, so that through it we may one day be your perpetual companions in glory. Amen.

O God, who gave Thy servant Tobias to the holy Archangel Raphael for a companion on the road, grant Thy servants that we may always be protected by his care, and striving with his help. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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