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DVD: The Third Secret of Fatima

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This DVD contains the very best information from all the DVDs we have ever put out dealing with the post Vatican II apostasy. It also contains critical new information, and connects everything with what is predicted in the Third Secret of Fatima. This is the best DVD we have ever released, and the most important DVD that has been produced on the Catholic Church. This is a must-see.

2 hour 30 minute must-see video: The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition)
 Prices for The Third Secret of Fatima DVD in U.S.: 1 copy for $5.00; 10 for $8.00; 25 for $12.00; 40 for $15.00; 60 for $25.00; 125 for $40.00; 200 for $65.00; 300 for $100.00 (All prices include shipping inside the U.S.) Foreign prices: 1 for $5.00. For bulk prices to foreign countries, please e-mail us or call us and we can arrange a price. Get the new blockbuster DVD (2 hours and 30 min.): You can order it here.

The Message of Fatima: a heavenly sign marking the beginning of the end timesand a prediction of apostasy from the Church

The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy

Third Secret of Fatima and Miracle of the SunThird Secret of Fatima and the Three Children
(left) The people witnessing the Miracle of Fatima in 1917
(right) The three children who saw the Mother of God at Fatima: Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta
The sections covered on the DVD are:
Part 1: Fatima
Part 2: The Impostor Sister Lucia
Part 3: The Vatican’s version of the Third Secret
Part 4: The true message given in the real Third Secret
Part 5: The Election of Cardinal Siri
Part 6: John XXIII
Part 7: Paul VI, the New Mass, and the New Rite of Ordination
Part 8: The Antipopes’ Heresies with Other “Christians”
Part 9: The Antipopes’ Heresies on Other Religions
Part 10: A Heretic Cannot be the Pope
Part 11: The Apostasy of the Vatican II Hierarchy, Colleges, and High Schools
Part 12: The Heresies of the Impostor Sister Lucia
Part 13: The Assassination of John Paul I
Part 14: The Conversion and Consecration of Russia
Part 15: The Great Apostasy and the Antichrist
Part 16: The Whore of Babylon

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